How to become a modern Viking


Modern life is far more exciting when you rebuild it based on Viking’s fascinating traditions. With an ancient history in Sweden and Denmark, this brave civilization had a particular lifestyle and strong beliefs. This is why more and more people look for villages completely inspired by their way of life. Visit them to feed your curiosity and to become a modern Viking.

Turn into a Viking in a modern world

Old stories describe Vikings as a powerful and influent people with all sorts of abilities, mastering the technique of sailing. Today, they are role models for those who aim to be as brave as a warrior. The passion for this civilization has determined certain people to gather into small villages where they live after the rules and lifestyle of original warriors. Enjoy such an experience during the summer with some appealing escorts that love to be around strong men who protect them.

Foteviken is a village in Sweden where time seems to have stopped. Choose to settle there as an inhabitant, although your escorts like those from are likely to disagree, or stay there only during the summer. The whole infrastructure has been changed so that it imitates the authentic warriors’ culture usually found in pre-Christianity. However, inhabitants have brought some traces of the modern world, such as TVs, well-equipped toilets, and other basic amenities. Step by step, you learn more about their values and mindsets, which make you become a modern Viking. When you come back to your day-to-day life, share your new visions with wild escorts met on EROS.

Learn to live like modern Vikings

Life becomes meaningless when you have no significant values to define you.  Convince your wife or escort to come with you in a Viking settlement as this will manage to rebuild the purpose of your existence through its strong beliefs. Day-to-day behaviors in these villages allow you to have more time for meditation, which will eventually increase your self-esteem level.  When you reach the village, you receive new clothes to fit the warrior trend. After that, elders teach you to fish and hunt while your beautiful escort learns to do handmade pieces of jewelry and clothes.

Though life seems simple in here, the essence is far more complex. It is a sort of therapy that brings you back the values you used to have. Explain this to your charming escort so that she would cherish even more this experience. On one side you reconnect with nature as most of the time you will be out in the fields and forests. But on the other hand, you acquire some practical skills, such as handcrafting or farming. Once you become a real Viking, the gorgeous escorts will be even more attracted by your interesting vision about life.

Fulfill your existence in one of the Viking settlements available in Denmark or Sweden. The ancient lifestyle makes you forget about the stress felt in large and crowded cities. Furthermore, their values will rediscover your true self-lost in the modern world.